So in our last blog post we talked about Creating Your Own Marketing Campaign and we said we’d follow up with the top reasons why it really does benefit you to get an email marketing campaign up and running. So if you are considering developing an email marketing campaign and are still on the fence about, please have a squiz at the following. Whether your goal is product promotions or educational based e-newsletters, or a combination of both, the ends greatly outweigh the means.


The Benefits

● E-newsletters establish a regular link between brand and customer, keeping your customers up to date is essential!

● Email provides instant contact for urgent announcements or releases, so if you have lots of people to contact on one subject this is the way to go!

● Customers can no receive messages wherever they are, either at home, at work, or on the go, thanks to smart phones and tablets!

● A well crafted email campaign can provide value to, and educate customers. It could be a frequently asked question, or a update to your business either way you can do it for the masses.

● E-newsletters can supplement any other marketing channel and add value to other campaigns. So if you currently have an add, a you-tube video, a blog and website, covering the most important aspects will draw people in using your newsletter to cross sell other products.

● Email marketing provides a customization that other marketing channels can not provide. With Mail Chimp you can create the most beautiful campaigns fully customized for you, and you can say what ever you need to say in it and best of all no word limit (but don’t go silly).

● Newsletters can give customers pre-release information on products to enhance sales by giving your customers, a sneak peek, and a little taste of whats to come.

● Email marketing is the most efficient form of mass communication.

● Loyal customers will sign up for information and can be rewarded with customer benefits. 

● Regular communication drives measurable traffic back to your website. And this is what we all want, more traffic, the higher in Google and the better our rankings!

● Companies can launch global campaigns and keep their audience up to date, so where ever you are opposed to your audience youcan alway reach them.

● Regular communications keeps your customers and prospects interested and loyal, give them things, special news, offers only newsletter readers can see, make sure you change it up and keep in fresh.

● An audience can be reached immediately with any new product or release because the time delay is very minimal, lets just say they’ll get your newsletter before those 5 letters you sent them.

● Customized dynamic content can give your customers exactly what they are interested in!

● Customers actually welcome the emails with educational information and and special offers. I know crazy right? But if you have a good subject line, and some thing that will actually benefit them, they will appreciate it!


Convinced Yet?

Email Marketing Campaigns are essential in this day and age, with people looking in there inbox before their post box, you can imagine why is is so important. Just like any other marketing platform you can use it to sell; to keep people up to date with your blog, a new fashion collection,special offers or just simply a hello, but any good campaign has a purpose, so find yours and use it. Ready to act read our post Creating Your Own Marketing Campaign and get started we promise it well worth your while.