With Instagram reaching 100 million active users to date, it really doesn pose a question as to why brands are now rushing to reach gain through this platform of social media. It helps drive quick messages and photos to their target audiences and keep their follows up to date. Instagram champions the idea that brands can and do communicate through the use of images and, like all social media, can be used to help build a brand and business.

But when it comes down to the nitty gritty we need to ask is it worthwhile, for you, to create an Istagram account for your business. May say “Can’t we do the same with Facebook Page? then why Instagram”, well my friends, it’s all about widening your audience. Istagram is a wonderful platform and you benefit most if you are selling an item, interacting with others and keeping your audience constantly, we need to remember that people are far more likely to listen to what is being said, if it is conveyed through a visual way.


Create a wider Audience

Some good ways to use Instagram are to make sure that you are taking advantage of the visual platform you are presented with, Instagram provides a great collage and gives your audience a better insight into the company. You can promote anything from products/services to customers/employees. It allows you to tell a story with your Image. It’s also so important to think of Instagram as your shop window – Remember: Pictures are evocative so try and make sure you have some good ones!


Show real things from your company or store.

You can take a shot of almost anything and share it on Instagram. Post behind-the-scenes photos. A lot of the time this is the kind of post that gets comments and interactions from users, and this is what you want most, to keep your customer interested. You can take them when you’re shooting a video or working on your promotional materials. Let people see what you are doing to provide them with the best offers.


Create Engagement with Contests

Instagram has become a popular platform for photo contests which is an easy way to increase engagement with fans. Brands can either use a particular hashtag for the contest by tagging pictures or a tie-in with the Facebook platform via apps.

In short, yes, Instagram helps your business by engaging the customer more, and keeping them up to date. It’s more powerful than your standard RSS feed from your blog, because you are presenting ones with visuals, and its true what they say, images do speak louder than words.