Company Mission & Objectives

We are committed to continual self-improvement in development and ongoing research into new technologies and systems. Our mission is to provide the best development framework and structure coupled with strong, reliable and robust systems for website development across the globe.

Our company’s objectives over the years have helped adapt our working environment to a more flexible online approach for delivery of our services.

Businesses face many challenges when adopting new ICT systems to improve branding or operations. We have found over the years that there is a strong need for Digital Coaching in areas of online marketing and project management for businesses to succeed online.

The problem however comes from a huge lack of quality information for businesses under these topic areas. Therefore our existing company objective has now broadened into a wider objective of high-quality digital coaching. To ensure the success of our clients in use of our proven web development methods we have adopted training strategies to help businesses make informative decisions about our products and services.

Target Market

We have clients and partners across three streams of business relationship – Business to Business, Business to Consumer, and Business to Government. Below is an outline of our target market and preferred client types.

Business to Business (B2B)

We aim to attract the following:

  • Digital Agencies
  • SEO & Online Marketing Companies
  • Branding & Design Companies
  • Independent Project Managers
  • Information Architect Specialists
  • Independent Graphic Designers
  • Independent Web Designers

Business to Consumer (B2C)

We aim to attract marketing managers for the following consumers:

  • Franchises
  • RSL Clubs
  • Tourism Resorts
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Industry

Business to Government (B2G)

We aim to attract:

  • Tourism
  • Health
  • Council
  • Childcare
  • OHS
  • Regional Services

Product & Services Overview

You can request our company catalogue online via live chat. We have a catalogue designed to help project managers and marketing managers understand our full range of products and services. The catalogue also has recommendations for services and inspiration ideas.
Below is an outline of our products and services in point form:

  • Fully Managed Hosting & Email Server Services
    • Weekly Scheduled Full Backups for Website
      • Backup Restore Feature
      • 2 weeks kept of backups
    • Service Updates:
      • PHP updates
      • Module Updates
      • MYSQL Updates
    • Brute Force Hackers Security Defense
      • IP blocking for IP’s
      • Max 30 login attempts for IP’s
      • Whitelist IP Management
      • Blacklist IP Management
    • Email Server:
      • A record and CNAME management
      • MX record management
      • Webmail Software
      • SSL webmail access service
      • Email forwarding
      • Auto responders
      • Spam Filter Management
      • IMAP & POP3 client setup
    • Content Management System (CMS) – GCM Press
      • CMS automatic software updates
      • CMS security improvements to risks
      • CMS business improvements
      • Plugins Management
        • Whitelist Plugins List
        • Blacklist Plugins List
        • PHP & JavaScript conflict management
      • Full User Management & Restrictions
    • Malware Protection
      • Weekly Scans with Wordfence
    • Database Maintenance
      • GCMPress table maintenance
      • Comments Management
      • User Management
    • Client Reporting
      • Monthly Updates
      • Website Backups
      • Google Analytics Reporting
      • Broken Links Checker
      • Malware Reporting
    • Digital Coaching – Skype Coaching & Face to Face
      • Analyse, Recommend, Implement, Review
      • Online Digital Marketing Plan
        • Information & Content Architecture
        • Facebook
        • Mailchimp
        • Blogging
        • Google Analytics
        • Google Adwords
    • Website Development
      • Design Preview
      • Theme Development CSS3
      • CMS Backend Development
      • Custom Coding – Forms
      • Custom Plugin Development
        • Shopping Cart
        • Classified Listings
        • Auction Module
      • Ecommerce Shopping Cart
        • Payment gateways
        • Custom Reporting
        • Product Variation
        • Gift Voucher Discounts
    • Digital Marketing Services
      • Digital Public Relations
        • Email Signatures
        • Digital Product Catalogue’s
        • Digital Flyers
        • Landing Pages
        • Client Feedback forms
      • Questions and Survey Development
      • Customer Contact Systems
        • Newsletter Systems
        • Facebook Branding
        • Youtube Channel Branding
      • Digital Branding
        • Logo Design
        • Company Header
        • Corporate Profile PDF
      • Video Production
        • On location Filming
        • Screen Recording
        • Training & Educational Filming
        • Video Editing
        • Corporate Stories
        • Infomercials
        • Video Animation
        • Compression & Encoding
        • Digital Authoring
        • Voice Over Talents

Our Team Culture and Skills

Our company is only as good as our team. That is why we have a very strong focus on company culture and personal development. We try to ensure that each staff member in our team has a clear direction and a sense of belonging.

If you would like know about our awesome team skills, check out our Technologies page, otherwise continue reading to find out more about our company culture.

We would like to share our Culture with you and your company to further enhance our relationship. Below are the six pillars of our company culture. 

1. Vision

Every great development company starts with a great vision or mission statement –  without one, a company’s values are not defined and them team lacks a true sense of purpose. However when you provide one your team can make clear, genuine decisions that work towards a common goal. We call it harmony. Our mission statement is “Empowering businesses with digital solutions”. We aim to provide the best digital solutions for businesses to help empower their brand and operations.

2. Values

Gold Coast Multimedia’s values are the core of its culture. The 5 core values we hold close to us are:

  1. Be honest at all times when providing solutions and working.
  2. Take full responsibility for your actions in development.
  3. Give your best at all times.
  4. Keep your integrity when dealing with clients.
  5. Communicate with others and work as a team player.

3. Practices

Values are no good unless we practice them. Gold Coast Multimedia highly values a “flat” hierarchy in our company. We do more than just express opinions and goals – we encourage our team members to be involved in every step of our company’s progress. We gain valuable strength and creativity by allowing our team to participate and provide feedback without fear of negative repercussions. We give company incentives such as rewards, bonuses and holidays when creative ideas and great work are delivered. Everyone in our company enjoys the lifestyle and benefits of being able to work from anywhere in the globe.

4. People

The most important part of Gold Coast Multimedia is our people. It was clear to us that we needed a company culture for recruiting the right people to our team. This would include great systems for Human Resource Management and not only a clear skills audit on the individual for technical skills, but also an attitude audit. Today we have these systems in place and we interview hundreds of applicants to find the right the person for the job. 

5. Narrative

We take great pride in our history and the time to celebrate and embrace our journey so far. We educate our team on every stage of our growth to help encourage and develop our strong company culture. We make no secrets on how we started and where we have come from. Starting in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia, our company first took flight out of a garage with a local target market of about 20kms. Today we have an international target scope with offices and representatives in three Countries.

6. Place

Environment shapes culture; as a company we had to balance our place of work and make a key decision. We had to decide and choose between collaboration or productivity. We found that creative ideas and culture was often better in an office, however the lack of productivity to development and design far outweighed the benefits.

In mid-2013, with some external help from some overseas business partners, our company went completely online to deliver all our services and products. We built some exceptional online systems to manage our staff and our business. 2014 has really shaped out to be the best year so far. We look forward to 2015.