When it comes to Emails in business, it’s one of the biggest communication methods around, you might call and have meetings, but if there is one thing that is used most it would without a doubt be your email, and that’s why your email address, is actually quite important.


Why is it Important?

When it comes to contacting you as a client, customer or business associate, your email needs to be remembered, but it also needs to be professional. Let’s say you own a graphic design business, and for people to get in touch with you, you tell them they need to email frankie_is_the_coolest00967@hotmail.com, that is neither professional nor is it memorable, when it comes to meeting on the run, and you have forgotten your business card that day, you need to be able to direct people to something memorable, and that reflects your business, something like hello@frankiedesign.com.au is far more appropriate. Receiving the following email, with that email address hardly comes across as what he is trying to sell; Professional.


Dear Micheal,


I look forward to working with you in creating a new branding for your business. One that will stand out as professional, unique and corporate.



Frankie Web


–  frankie_is_the_coolest00967@hotmail.com


How do I obtain a Professional email address?

When it comes to these email addresses, all you need is a domain name. If you have a business and a website then you should, without a doubt already have this set up, and if you don’t contact your webmaster urgently and get these emails sorted.

If you currently don’t have website, consider it! Flick over to our Websites page, and have a look, because if you get talking to someone on the street that needs your services, without a doubt would you want to direct them to more information!

But if you are not interested in having a website just yet, or you own an Etsy store, or something else of that likeness, you can always purchase a domain name (this is around $25 for two years), this is the critical element needed for your professional emails is needs to correctly reflect your business, in just a few memorable words, something like www.frankiesdesigns.com.au because you’ll notice that whatever email you create it will be yourname@yourdomain.com.


The Juicy Stuff

Once you have obtained your domain you will need to sign up for email hosting, you can pick this up for as little as $5 a month, sometimes less, it depends on how much bandwidth you will be using. [Top Tip: If you have a website, you need hosting and your emails bundle in with your website hosting]

Once all your hosting is set up, the fun bit is deciding what emails you want, for our friend Frankie, he wants to have a more laid back, approachable feel to his brand, so for general enquiries he will go for something like hello@frankiesdesigns.com.au, this will usually be given out for general use and for something that he can give to people so they can contact him personally he will go with frankie@frankiesdesigns.com.au.


What’s the exception?

If you still don’t like the idea of having your own customised, professional emails, then that’s okay. If you are a medium to large sized business, you need personalised emails, and even if you are a small business, and you want to be taken seriously then you need to have you emails tailed to your business. No exceptions.

But if you build things for a hobby, or have only just opened a small online store, like some on Ebay or Etsy, then you still need to at least have a separate more professional looking email address, something like frankiesdesigns@gmail.com would be acceptable if you are trying to get started.

But consider professional emails, and if you decide that you need a website too then Gold Coast Multimedia have you covered, because with your web hosting we throw in 5 free customised emails with plenty of hosting to get you started!