If you have a Facebook business page, then I’m sure you no doubt received their email “Tips to Drive Sales during the Holiday Season”, Of course, the Holiday season is fast approaching, and making sales through this time is crucial! So here is a big thank you to Facebook for their 10 tips on boosting sales through this hectic season.


10 Tips

Plan ahead this holiday, Schedule posts for key dates, Attract last minute buyers, Use photos on your sales post, Announce a re-stock alert, Get your ads up faster, Give away free items, Use Custom Audience for your ads, Share your store hours & Offer free shipping.


Not just Facebook

Though a good 3 of those tips are meant for Facebook primarily, most of these can be applied through your own website and any other means you use to market, through Instagram, twitter or Google+, so have a bit of a read of these practical tip and reap the benefits.

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