Simple, Fast & Easy

Now, embedding a video in to your web site used to be something quite difficult, there were numerous different formats to choose from, you could have faced the dilemma that visitors to your website might not have had the proper software installed to see the video and as many people were still on a dial-up connection the load time was glacial.

Jump in today’s age and putting a video in to a web page becomes as easy as cutting and pasting. When you visit YouTube, you are presented with a video box on the page. You can watch the video directly on the page, or the Flash player allows you to view the video full screen, just by clicking a button on the player.

The Benifits

How much does it cost you to add a video from YouTube to your site? Nada–nothing. Did you know having a video on your landing page of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search? The average user will visit a purely text and image based website for only 43 seconds  However if you have a video, the average visit lasts 5 mins 50 seconds. That’s about 88% more engagement just for inserting a Video into your website.

For this reason we have put together a step by step Tutorial to help you increase engagement on your website.

1. Go to you tube and find the video it is you want to insert

2. Note the Share Button Below The Video, Click This button

3. Below The share button you will see an Embed button, click this button. You will now see a small dialog box with HTML code.

4. Below this you will see the size dimensions, be sure to click 560 X 315, this measurement is in pixels, and will be the size of the content area of your webpage.

5. Copy (Ctrl + C) the HTML code in the box above.

6. Now be sure you have logged onto the back end of your website using your log in details. Navigate to the pages Tab and click this button.

7. Click The Page you want the YouTube video to appear on.

8. You will come to a page that looks like this, on the right hand corner of the text box you will see two tabs, one says Visual and the Other says HTML, Click HTML

9. In this text area then Paste the HTML you copied form YouTube here (Ctrl + V) & Click Update.

10. The Video you have selected will now be shown in the web page of your choice,

*If the size of your video is either too large or small, then go back to Step 4 & make the changes and repeat Steps 5 – 10