Asana’s mission

Asana’s mission is to empower humanity to do great things. We’ve re-imagined how work gets done through a fast and versatile web application that connects everyone with what’s going on, their shared priorities, and who owns each part of the effort.

Productivity is one of the most important parts of running a smooth and profitable business and sometimes when you’ve got a lot on the board and heaps of things to complete, you need a way of keeping track of everything!

Well welcome to Asana, may we just take this moment to strongly recommend this program of pure genius, if you’re not sure whether to make the switch, just do it. You have nothing to lose (Seriously its free!)

I’m not going to ramble on, or tell you why you need this product. (Other than the reason that it’s brilliant & free) Here’s the link and here is why we love it at Gold Coast Multimedia:



You create a task. You add details to that task. You add that task to a Project. Set a due date if you want one and assign it to yourself or a team member.


Sub Tasks

Have a really big task like Create New (Insert Job). Well Subtasks are your solution, they remain linked to your master task, but you can narrow it down a bit more and additionally assign a subtask to another team member, because maybe it’s not under your area of expertise, or you could just be pressed for time and share your work load with the team.



Once a task is finished click the little box and it will go into your archive of completed tasks. And tell other people that are following the task (yes you can add people to your task to only see progress, this stops the whole ‘hey how is that project going and have you done….’ Problem) That you have finished it, on to the next!



Just drag and drog, up or down set priority, due dates and titles to sections of tasks, just add a colon to the end of a task and it becomes a lable.


So do you need Asana?

Yes, without a doubt yes. Get it now sign up, if you have 30 members or less its always free. Extra Pricing here (Asana is flawless without the minor additional specs).