It’s a question that so many of our clients ask, an afternoon, a week, two months or two years. It all really all depends and the fact of the matter is there is no set time.

Yes, I know, you just want a time frame. But like it or not, EVERY SINGLE website is different. And the time frame itself can always be delayed; it can be caused by the designer, the developer, or the client. And as the developers & designers we do understand your concern completely, and we do realise and recognised the urgency in which you as the client want your website up and live, so you are able to get going with business, and start making money.


We get it

So it’s important that we share the love, and the understanding, as far as time is concerned, a general principle that applies to just about any web development project is the more complex a project is, the more unforseens are likely to arise, and further still the larger the project the more aspects there are to be changed upon your preference.

We have a rough time outline we like to go by; for a general website, with no shopping cart we tend to allow a 3-4 week period start to launch assuming there are no delays or interruptions. Yet the exact timeline will depend upon many factors unique to you — the type of business you have, the size and complexity of your development project and of course whether or not you want a fully functioning online store.


Hold Up, mine took longer

So your website has far exceeded these deadlines? Well what we really do aim to do is no give up quality based on deadlines, we won’t rush it to roll it out as quickly as possible, and as a general practice we take time to create a beautifully working and visually appealing prototype, before we set it live, so both ourselves and you as the client can be confident that once live, nothing has been sacrificed.


Be Reasonable

So as the client you need to take everything into consideration! You want your website up next week? But you also want it to be an online store? That’s really not going to happen. But you want a website up by next week, just so people can see something greater is on its way? Or so they contact you via a contact form? That is doable. So weigh up what is most important, and prioritize.