It’s becoming increasingly important for Gold Coast business websites to be mobile compatible. There are many ways to bring attention to your mobile-friendly website. Among the best is the QR code which can be used flexibly in print and screen marketing to direct mobile traffic to your website.

What Is A QR Code?

The QR (Quick Response) code looks a bit like a barcode. When scanned by the camera on a Smartphone, iPhone etc it directs customers to your website or online presence. It’s a brilliant on-line marketing tool.

The Benefits of a QR code

When its used in combination with a mobile-friendly website it can generate a lot of traffic and interest from casual mobile phone surfers. It can link the customer to not only your website but also to Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and even to your YouTube business video. It can be printed onto your business cards, flyers, magazine advertisements, invitations, posters, websites, billboards, T-shirts and much more.

How to Make Your Own Free QR code

We find that is a simple site to create your own QR code. No signing up, no dramas and its instant. Go to and just put your website address in the ‘Generate Code’ bar and your code will automatically be generated for you. Click and hold the edge of the browser window to re-size the page so that some of the desktop is showing. Click and hold your new QR code and drag to the desktop. Close browser and now you can print, share, save or email it to your hearts content. For example, if you want business cards printed with this code on it just take the code with you on a USB stick to the print shop and they will do the rest. If you can’t be bothered to do it yourself, you can simply request that the print shop organise and print a QR code on the business card for you.