Gold Coast video production is a thriving industry. Some of the best forms of online marketing for businesses on the coast are YouTube business show-reels  podcasts and e-learning videos. YouTube is a great chance to get your message out there easily and for free. Here’s how to upload any video file to You Tube in a few quick steps.

Step 1.

Open your Internet Browser. Go to Click “Sign In”. Type in your email address or your YouTube user name and password. Click “Sign In”. Account page will open. Click on “Upload.” Then click “Select Files From Your Computer.


Image Of Youtube Upload


Step 2.

Find on your computer the video you want to upload to YouTube. Click on the video you want and then click on “Open.” This will upload your video to YouTube.

Image of upload

Step 3.

While it is uploading you can write in the Title, Description, and Tags boxes. Eg. Title; How To Make Natural Soap At Home. Description; How to make 5 types of soap using natural ingredients. Tags; soap making, natural soap making, goats milk soap.

Step 4.

Put in an attractive title so people will want to click on it eg.’ How To Make Natural Soap At Home.’ Click on “Category” box and type in (for eg.) Soap. Check Privacy boxes under the Category box. Click on ‘Public’ so that everyone can view it. Check ‘License’, make sure it is on ‘Standard YouTube License’.


When the upload is complete it is now active and watchable on YouTube. You need to wait until the uploading process is complete for this to be successful.