Now I’m sure you’ve come here for the magic recipe of blog articles, getting people to come to your website, and convert those potentials into leads, and then make tones of sales because of your utterly fantastic blog posts. Unfortunately there is no sure fire recipe to brilliant blog posts, because at the core of it all it’s about being able to write compelling and engaging content consistently.

As we said in our last blog, ‘Do you Really need a Blog’ it’s a lot to do with the SEO side of things, if Google doesn’t recognise your blog content as relevant to the searcher, your blog can turn into a pit you throw your time and money into. So to avoid that here are our top tips on writing a really good, informative and engaging post for your Blog.


Find Your Audience.

Seriously first thing is first figure out who you are marketing to. Are you a landscaper? Don’t blog about cars, talk about this season and its trends, what plants give off what atheistics. The blogging world is getting crowded so you want to figure out your audience and deliver fresh and new content on a regular basis.


Make content Key

It’s great to have fresh new content all the time, but is that what’s going to have readers coming back time after time? No. You need your content to be useful. If you publish a blog that gives reviews about new cameras, readers will come, have a read, buy their camera and won’t come back. What you need is something people will want to come back for, how about a photography school with tips and tricks and a regular newsletter campaign?


Get their Attention

Remember your headline will get read more than anything else on your post, so use this to your advantage, captivate your readers and make them feel compelled to keep reading.

Break up that first chunk of your post with a half width image, this has two big benefits. Pictures speak louder than words; this is so true in so many cases, if your image is big, bright and fun, it’s about your topic and it gets the readers imagination going then it will lead them to read more, but remember to include other graphics too, find more appealing ways to visualise statistics or numbers. Another benefit of the opening half image is that the text next to it seems a whole lot less daunting and easier to read, and if it’s what they want to be reading about then then will keep reading.

These are only a few tips for creating great blog posts, would you like to learn about more? Comment below