These days it’s not enough to have a simple business name, a cheap Xeroxed business card and a car sticker. Business owners are facing increased competition in all markets around the globe, not just the Gold Coast.  Even standing out from the crowd has become a full time job.

Is your Identity Working for You?

How do you know if your business identity is working for you? Start measuring the call responses you get from your print material. Are people throwing your business cards away? Do your customers enjoy your website enough to use it? A unified, simple and recognisable visual identity should form the bare basis of your business. People should be able to visually associate a certain colour or service instantly with your brand. Once you’ve provided a good service to a customer who ‘associates’ with your identity, you have a client for life, the right kind of client who doesn’t bother to look elsewhere.

Here’s a checklist of points to consider –

Feed Back

Get feedback from your customers. Do they find your website useful and easy to use?

Target your Audience

When you receive phone enquires ask them where they found you. This allows you to find out what parts of your campaign are working and which ones need to be adjusted. Often you may find that print advertisements such as the Yellow Pages yield nothing while Google Maps listings produce enquires (or vice versa). Find your strengths and improve them.


Make sure your avenues of advertising are reaching the type of customers you want. If you find that advertising in a certain newspaper or magazine does not yield results, consider other channels or forms of marketing right away. Digital may be more your alley, depending on the industry.


Is your identity unified? Make sure your company isn’t using several different logos that seem visually unrelated. This can cause confusion with potential customers who will go elsewhere if they it find simpler.

Professional Identity

Get your logo and identity professionally designed! Don’t go to a cheap crowd sourcing website or local high school trainee. The main advantage of using a professionally trained designer is that they know how to target certain industries. It’s not just about looking pretty, but looking attractive to certain demographics. This includes the psychology of colour, and the subtle feelings and differences produced by fonts and forms. All logos are not created equal.

This is the tip of the iceberg, but these tips will allow you to form a decent basis for your business identity.