Podcasting is an audio/video media – you’ve seen them on Youtube channels, other video sites and even internet radio. Podcasting is basically an audio/video way of shouting what you are about in an interesting and engaging way. There are many podcast-dedicated sites out there allowing people to subscribe to your videos/audio channels and get instant updates on new videos you release.

Are your local competitors utilizing Podcasting as a marketing tool? Often the answer is no. This marketing strategy is often overlooked and when it’s done right, any business can tap into a market that previously didn’t exist.

So how does it work? You submit a video to a large number of podcasting sites. This video needs to be well targeted to your market eg. cat care techniques if you are a vet and it needs to be presented in an engaging and relevant way – the kind of informative video you might be inclined to subscribe to yourself. People watch the video and if they think it’s pretty awesome/useful, they will subscribe to your feed. Generally you don’t control this feed like you do a mailing list, but it’s managed by the podcast site and the podcast reading software that your viewer uses. So, if you’ve contracted a local business to make targeted videos for you, Podcasting means basically no effort or time is spent on your part. People are able to watch, listen, download your content to their iPods, embed them, refer them, it’s out there and it’s everywhere.

iTunes. This music software by Apple is one of the largest players in the podcasting world – it’s free and manages all your podcast feeds as well as your music and video collection and allows you to buy music via its online store. This is one of the first stops to make when submitting a podcast to all the many, many podcast sites out there – you can submit a video or audio as you see fit. Or you can  submit your video to Blip.tv, which automatically submits it to iTunes. There are loads of options out there. They’re all different, with little nicks and tricks that can make submitting a podcast a little less straightforward than you expected.

The content. Don’t go hardsell. Who wants to watch an ad? What you need to do is provide quality information that is interesting and relevant to your niche market. Straight-up advertisements often won’t make it through the approval process it takes to list your video on most podcast sites. Sometimes an interview format works well in both video and audio – like a ‘problem solver’ Q&A session. Once you have a few subscribers it’s sometimes a good idea to release a video/audio detailing your services and how you’ve helped clients in the past – but again, not hardsell style, just a short vid people can watch if they’re interested enough in your business. Whatever the strategy, it needs to be interesting to watch or listen to. Target your customers’ needs and problems.

All podcasters have humble origins. Be patient and create/submit regularly. Many of the big players even have paid advertising now – they get paid by sponsors to put ads within their podcast!

If you need help, we can help. Gold Coast Multimedia has top of the range recording equipment and marketing techniques – we can set up an entire campaign for you and blitz the podcast scene. Anyone can make a podcast and submit it, but it’s incredibly important that it is properly targeted and marketed in a way that will benefit your business. That’s where we come in. Head to our homepage: www.goldcoastmultimedia.com