Why Re-size?

First of all, why do we have to re-size an image for a web page in the first place? You’ll notice that when you open a webpage it takes a certain amount of time to load, this is really dependent on the sizes of the images contained in the website, the larger the image the longer the wait. But if you re-size, or ‘optimise’ an image you will have a faster loading website, and potentially people who won’t skip your website due to agonisingly slow load time.

There are plenty of ways to optimize an image, but the one way that will improve the speed the most, is by making your graphics as small as possible.

Many developers use programs to do this as part as the development stage of the website. But when the keys are handed over to you, what about post development?  There are plenty of ways for you to simply and easily reduce the size of the images you’re going to upload on to your site.


We’ve already done the hard work for you and found a simple and easy to use website that will reduce the size of your images and help maximize the amount of visits to your site!

webresizer.com/resizer  will allow you to re-size and optimize, without having to download any programs to your computer. Here is a step by step  guide to help  you through it:

1. Once you’re at the desired destination Click Browse…

2. Now select your desired image Click Open…


3. Now Click Upload Image… (this process may time a little while depending on the size of the image you are uploading)


4. Now your image will be uploaded, click download this image…

5. Click Save File & Okay

6. Click the image, or drag it in to the corresponding folder.








Voilà! And there you have it one re-sized picture to easily upload onto your site Quick, easy & simple, Right?