Email Attachments

Attachments on emails are an efficient, quick and easy way to share files. From Word Documents, Excel Sheets, PDF files, music & images. But like so many out there you’ve probably reached a road block, and attempted to send an email with an attachment, that just won’t send. This tends to happen because the file size of your document is too large.

There are plenty of ways around this of course, you could put all the files onto a USB stick physically drop it off to Aunt Doreen, or you could pop the USB into an envelope stick a stamp on it, and wait for her to send smoke signals to indicate she received it. As effective as these methods may be, there is a much more instant and far easier way to get these files sent.

We Found A Way

Introducing Send Space:, it’s an easy to use, completely free website that allows you to send those really big files of yours, anywhere!

When sending an email the allowed attachment size doesn’t exceed 10MB; Send Space for free users has a file size limit of 300MB, which is huge, that’s the rough equivalent to 60 songs, 800 images, or one episode of your favourite T.V. Show.

Interested? Here is a step by step guide to help you send those really big files.

1. First you’ll come to the home page, Here Click Browse..

2. Choose your desired file (Remembering that it can be up 300MB) & Click Open

3. This will then automatically come up in the browser window, here you will need to fill out the To: (the desired addressee) From: (your email) & Click Upload

4. Then this window will come up, no need to do anything here just wait for the file to go through.

5. Then you will see this, this is just to notify that it has sent, and provides the download URL that you can also cut and paste and share with others. The URL Below will allow you to delete that file completely. But no need to worry, these 2 URLs will be sent to you in an email.

6. Now check your email, it will contain the same details as Step 5, for your own reference.


A similar email will be sent to the addressee and will be able to download for the next 30 days, if it hasn’t been downloaded at least once within the 30 day period it will be permanently deleted from send space; if it has it will remain active until 30 days has elapsed without downloading.

See? A whole lot quicker than posting it, isn’t it?