It can be hard to try and decide what social media to get onto, especially if you are a business. When you own a business it’s a whole new kettle of fish, you’re not in it to purely connect with friends or check out your friend’s statuses, if you have it for business it’s to generate leads, make sales, and promote your business.

The greatest thing about social media is the fact that there are so many platforms out there that can help you reach your audience Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + & Twitter, just to name a few of the big ones.

So let’s just remember also that the whole point of social media is to be constantly interacting with it. Otherwise there really is no point, you need to posting, liking, hash tagging and pinning to your heart’s content, getting your name out there and getting recognized.

So now let’s get the run down on which Social Media, is good for what, to help you figure out how to use it.


This one is a biggy, Facebook says it now has 1.11 billion people using the site each month, so undoubtedly you want to be on here. Facebook has been around for a while and is a really great platform to post things on, updates images, run polls, and create offers and promotions. Who uses it? Nearly everyone, and that’s the truth, whether you are a big brand like Gucci or just a little guy, one of your firsts calls of action, should be setting up a business page on Facebook.


Is great! Pinterest has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. It started out relatively unheard of until it began experiencing explosive growth and popularity last year, Pinterest has quickly become a powerhouse for sharing and discovering, with over 70 million users. What is it good for? Images, images are a huge part of makes up Pinterest, think of a mood board, if you love that wallpaper you might stick a swatch up there to inspire you. Pinterest is much the same. If someone creates a board called ‘my home’ and want to pin things that will inspire them and you are a small real estate agent, people can either pin straight form your website, or re-pin from your account. The greatest thing is people may have already started pinning your products. So if you decide to pin, pin to a labelled board, and make sure that your image in pinned from a source you want people to see.


So if you read our last blog, it talked about Instagram and how awesome it can be for your business. Read that here. But with 130 million users, you’d be crazy not to use it. Who shouldn’t use it? Law firms or companies that have nothing to show, remember it’s like the window to your shop, so entice people and make them want to find out more, buy your products win competitions. So be creative with this one.

Google +

Google plus is a must for any business, that needs to reach out quickly, much like Facebook it can be started off as its own kind of website but from then, you need to make sure you are posting things, such as blogs images, again you need to stay active with it. If you play your cards right with Google +, it is sure to give you an advantage in a Google search, because let’s face it, of course Google is going to be a little bias towards their own form of social media.


Twitter is good, mainly for networking, and for referring people places, short glimpses of what your company has to offer, like ‘New Product Launch’ or ‘Have a look at our new website it has so much to offer’ you need to remember that this network is about communicating quickly and to the point which can be great for so many business, especially if you are promoting a blog or products you can’t capture without several images. Twitter has 175 million registered users. But “registered users” is a funny term. What it really means is the number of accounts. So, according to Twitter, 175 million Twitter accounts have been opened during Twitter’s history. Doing a little more research I found there are 56 million Twitter accounts following zero other accounts, and 90 million Twitter accounts with zero followers. So that’s a lot of accounts that are doing nothing, so if you are considering twitter (don’t) , you are up for some tough marketing. It really just isn’t aimed at businesses.


With 160 million active users, it’s pretty good. And though it’s aimed at professionals that are looking to network, or look for jobs, or even use as your online resume, it works pretty well, as a business page to. LinkedIn is an amazing tool to promote your product or service. It’s a place to start conversations with others in your field.  It’s a place where having an up to date profile can land you your next big opportunity. And if you know how to use it well, the networking and growth potential is astounding. Just remember to make your LinkedIn profile interesting. Add links to photos, web pages, and social media networks.

Do you know which social networks you’re going to be using now?