Can I cancel my contract and pay for hosting only?

If you are not on a long term membership agreement/contract for incentives such as free web development, then there is no need to cancel.

If you are on a long term membership plan for example min of 2years then there will be an exit/cancellation fee. Depending how many weekly payments remain, will determine the amount of the fee.Please see below for the hosting plans

Hosting Packages Pricing
Standard Hosting
Bandwidth: 2GB, Storage: 2GB
$15/mth ($180/yr)
Business Hosting
Bandwidth: 10GB, Storage:5GB
$30/mth ($360/yr)

VPS Hosting (Hostgator Level 1 VPS)
Bandwidth: 250GB, Storage:10GB
$88/mth non-members
$75/mth members

Dedicated Hosting (Hostgator Basic Dedicated)
Bandwidth: 10TB, Storage:500GB
$220/mth non-members
$187/mth members

Hosting Transfers Pricing Hours
Internal Hosting Transfer
mainly for truncating existing members upgrading
to a hosting package
$264 – 3 hours

External Hosting Transfer
Involves transferring in or out of our hosting
$616 – 6 hours

How much is it to buy a domain name?

Domain Name Registration (.com and $15 per year (min 2 years for

We can organise the registration for you online now. We will just need your domain name that you wish to register, your company name and your ABN number for your business if you are registering .au