How much does a website cost?

Websites can cost as little or as much as you like. It really depends on the online business and what you are trying to achieve.

Our Websites Start at $660 (incGST)for 1 page. Each page
extra is an added $308 (inc GST). All pricing
GST inclusive.

We do have special deals on from time to time. Need more help, want to get an official quote from our team, then chat to us below on our live chat. We have real programmers online ready to assist you.

What is a platinum membership?

Our Platinum memberships provide managed hosting and technical support including unlimited email accounts to any business wanting to manage their own website.


$416 Members Establishment Fee
$40 per week 3 month minimum signup


Free website development – for min. 2 year
signups – up to $4048 value inc GST
Video Tutorials
Unlimited Email Accounts
Traffic & Statistics Management
1/2 Hour Support Monthly – Figure does not
Create unlimited pages – $2816 (ex. $2560)
(17 hrs)
Members Discounts for Addons and Services
1/2 Hour One to One Tutorial
Free ‘Business Hosting’ – Bandwidth 10GB,
Storage 5GB

Need More Help, you can chat to us online now. We can tell you if this package is best for your business.

What is a Titanium Membership?

Titanium memberships are designed for busy businesses who want to have their whole website managed. Including hosting, emails and technical support. Titanium members are focused on reaching a larger share of online markets, search engine optimization reports are delivered each month along with recommendations as to improvements.If you want your website fully managed by professionals then this membership offers the best value for money.


$624 Establishment Fee
$60 per week 3 month minimum signup


Free website development value – for min. 2 year
signups – up to $5280 value incGST
Video Tutorials
Unlimited Email Accounts
Traffic & Statistics Management
1 Hour Support Monthly – no accrual
Create unlimited pages
Members Discounts for Addons and Services
1 Hour One to One Tutorial
Free ‘Business Hosting’ – Bandwidth 10GB,
Storage 5GB
Monthly SEO reports on your chosen keywords
Monthly recommendations on improvements to your keywords.

How much does it cost to get my website updated?

We can update any website at an hourly rate. We have conveniently created content blocks for you to purchase and pay as you go; giving your business full control and flexibility. If your website was developed by us then you will also get great return on your investment as you will be able to log into your website and micro manage your support time.


Content Updates

Content updates involve any modification to
the website which does not involve an addon.
• Hour allowances accrue and do not expire.



$68 p/hour members
$80 p/hour non-members


Ask us a question now regarding your website? Use the live chat below in the right hand corner.

How do I manage my website, I need some general support?

All our websites, have user friendly interfaces that allow business owners to log in and update their website. We call this in technical terms a content management system or CMS for short. If you are either a platinum or titanium member, then we offer free tutorials and videos to help you manage your website. If you are on a Titanium then you get allocated time each month for support questions free.

Not a member? That is ok, pay as you go for general support.

General support involves responding to questions about website management.
• Hour allowances accrue and do not expire.
• Technical support and bugfixing remains free.


$57 p/hour members (extra support or training)
$66 p/hour non-members

Can I get face to face training?

Yes of course you can, we currently offer all our training online through team viewer and Skype. However if you live in the areas listed below then we also offer face to face training.

We have also have short courses running all through the week in various topics such as facebook, online insight, seo insight. For more information on courses and training visit 

We can tailor a custom IT course to suit your business needs. Talk to us online now, to see how we can help.

How much is it for a business Logo?

Graphic Design is quoted per hour. Normally it takes on average 3-4 hours to complete a new company logo design. So we have come up with a package that gives you a new company logo for $240.00 ex gst AUD

We give you the choice of two designs.

If you need to make changes to your logo then it will be charged at:

$75 p/hour members
$88 p/hour non-members

Do you guys have a price list of your products and services?

Yes of course we do! We have a unique catalogue that gives you all the products and services that we have in a nice visual layout all online. We don’t display either our price-list or our catalogue on our website for the public. If you are a marketing manager for a company or club etc. Then you can request a copy of our catalogue and we will send you the link.

To request one now please chat to us below on our live chat.

How much is Graphic Design?

We offer graphic design services to the public and also to other web development companies.


$75 p/hour members
$88 p/hour non-members

How much is Video Production?

Any type of video editing, involving revising past videos or creating new video projects. We call this video production.

We also have Video Addons, that you can include in your website. Please ask us for a copy of our catalogue on our live chat system below.

$112 p/hour members
$132 p/hour non-members

Why video? Click here to find out why your business should use video.

Do you guys offer custom programming?

If you are a business and need to integrate something or have something built with special functionality then we can do it for you. We also can build mobile apps on any platform.


$112 p/hour members
$132 p/hour non-members

If you have an idea for a program and wan’t some feed back, why don’t you chat to us now online now using our live chat system below.

What do i get for $40 per week?

The Platinum membership is designed to give any business managed web hosting, managed email hosting accounts and technical website support and management. If you are a business that is dedicated to driving your website and want to update and maintain your website yourself then this membership is suited to you.


Video Tutorials
Unlimited Email Accounts
Traffic & Statistics Management
1/2 Hour Support Monthly – Figure does not
Create unlimited pages – $2816 (ex. $2560)
(17 hrs)
Members Discounts for Addons and Services
1/2 Hour One to One Tutorial
Free ‘Business Hosting’ – Bandwidth 10GB,
Storage 5GB

Free website development – for min. 2 year
signups – up to $4048 value inc GST (Our special offer)

What do I get for $60 a week?

Our Titanium memberships are suited to busy business owners who want to have everything managed for them including updates and maintenance.

What you get for money:

  • UNLIMITED free Email Accounts
  • Up to 12 website pages
  • Free 1hour hour management tutorial
  • 15% off our other services
  • Free Development if 2 year sign up
  • Business Hosting
  • Traffic Statistics
  • 1 hour Monthly Support
  • 1 hour Monthly Content Updates
  • Monthly SEO Reports and Recommendations.

For more information on our membership packages

What happens at the end of the contract?

You are not locked into any contract with our memberships, they are a service payed weekly. Your weekly payments pay for technical support of your website management area (CMS), hosting of your website and email accounts in our Platinum memberships.

Titanium memberships also include SEO reports and recommendations, plus website management including monthly updates to your website.

The minimum membership requirement is three months.

Long Term Memberships with us have huge incentives! If you have chosen to become a member for a long term period, two years or above then we normally offer you some great incentives! Currently we offer free web development value to go towards your website.

We give free web development value for members that commit to us for two years or more. Once your membership hits the two year period we offer other great incentives! for another long term commitment. If you choose not to be committed then you just continue to pay the weekly fee for the hosting and support of your website and email accounts without any long term contract or lock in. Just pay as you go.


Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, you can upgrade anytime you want and change your membership package. There is a fee for upgrading your membership, this is calculated based off the difference in establishment fees from both memberships at the time you join.


Platinum membership establishment fee is $412

Titanium membership establishment fee is $624

The upgrade fee is $212

At anytime through a Platinum membership you can pay $212 and upgrade to a Titanium membership to receive the full benefits of this package.

If you are on a long term membership plan for incentives such as website development then you can upgrade but your membership starts again from today and does not back date to when you started your Platinum membership.

We cancel your existing membership and then start you on a Titanium, we carry over the extra development value that you would of received on sign up.


John has been a member for 8 months under a Platinum membership and had opted for a long term membership to receive free incentives.

John wishes to upgrade so he pays the upgrade fee of $212 and then receives the extra incentives that he would of gotten had he of joined when he joined that membership package.

However, John new membership starts from Today and does not back date to when he was a Platinum. This means that John now has to wait another two years before he will receive any more major incentives for a long term membership.


Can I downgrade my membership?

The only membership you can downgrade is a Titanium membership.

As long as you not on a long term membership contract for incentives then you can downgrade to a Platinum membership anytime you wish.

Why is there an establishment fee?

Establishment fee’s are transfer fees really. To make you a member of either a Platinum or Titanium we usually have to move your website over to our hosting and setup your emails etc. If you choose to move your website over to our servers then we can actually waive your establishment fee on a case by case scenario depending on your website and how it is built.

If you are building your own website, or have someone else building it and you want to take up a membership then you will not have any establishment fees as we are just providing web hosting, email hosting and support.

For more information on membership packages ask us now on our live chat below.

How many emails can I have?

On our memberships you can have unlimited email accounts as long as your emails are setup for POP3. If you require IMAP and server back ups then this will use more data, hence a charge will be applicable.

Do you need a business email setup? We are online now, ask us how we can help you by using our live chat.

Can you include a banner on the front page of my website?

Banners are no worries at all as long as they don’t move. Our website packages come with free banners in the quote. However moving banners are another question as they can sometimes be much different when it comes to mobile styling. We have add on’s for moving banners and responsive designs.

Can I pay for a membership upfront for 2 years to receive incentives?

Yes no worries.This will keep your website running for the contract period but it means you will also be eligible to receive awesome incentives for being a loyal long term member. When you are joining to become a member mention it to your representative that you don’t want to pay weekly and that you would prefer to pay the whole amount upfront for the two year period. Your representative will organise this for you with billing.

Want to join as a long term member now to get a free website or another special incentive? Click on live chat below we would be more then happy to help you.

How long will it take to build my website?

Our development turn around time for us to build a website is on average 3-4 weeks. If you can organise your content and you are well prepared with your website and know exactly what you want, then that time can be significantly reduced. Complexity of a website also plays a roll in the turn around time. If we are just building a simple 1-5 page static website then that website can be completed in a matter of days not weeks. However if it is a shopping cart with forms and pop ups then it will take much longer due to the complexity and size of the project.

How much is it to buy a domain name?

Domain Name Registration (.com and $15 per year (min 2 years for

We can organise the registration for you online now. We will just need your domain name that you wish to register, your company name and your ABN number for your business if you are registering .au

How much is it to setup a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Business Page Setup
Social Addons
$353 non-members
$301 members

This includes all design.

Want to setup a business facebook page now? Chat to us online now, we can help you setup your business page.

Do you setup Google+ Profile and Local Business Page Setup?

Yes we do, all day every day. We would only be to happy to help you setup yours.


$264 non-members
$225 members

Need More Help? Chat to us online now.