Can instagram really help your business

With Instagram reaching 100 million active users to date, it really doesn pose a question as to why brands are now rushing to reach gain through this platform of social media. It helps drive quick messages and photos to their … Continued

Asana – Project Management for Free

Asana’s mission Asana’s mission is to empower humanity to do great things. We’ve re-imagined how work gets done through a fast and versatile web application that connects everyone with what’s going on, their shared priorities, and who owns each part … Continued

Using Facebook to Boost your Website

Social marketing. You never hear the end of it. And you probably never will. Marketing on social networks (Facebook in particular) is the marketer’s holy grail – allowing advertising, news posts and promotions to be so incredibly targeted to a … Continued

Benefits of Email Newsletters

So in our last blog post we talked about Creating Your Own Marketing Campaign and we said we’d follow up with the top reasons why it really does benefit you to get an email marketing campaign up and running. So if … Continued

Shrink your Images on a Mac

Yes I know, yet another image optimisation blog post, but this one is special, why I hear you ask? Because this is especially for those out there with an Apple Mac.   Why you should Shrink them Let’s just briefly … Continued

Creating Your Own Marketing Campaign

“Mail Chimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It’s like your own personal publishing platform.” Here at Gold Coast Multimedia we are proud to say we use Mail … Continued

Editing Images for Web with GIMP

Images For Web So we’ve heard all about optimizing images online if you look back at just a few of our previous blogs it is something that we’ve seen a need for, and most of these are free source online image optimizing and editing websites, and these are … Continued