Why the difference in pricing?

We realised that there was a lack of high quality, fully-managed solutions for online web hosting. We have found that many companies offered cheap hosting, however they lacked all the necessary requirements to run and maintain a successful website. At best, these companies offered extra add-on solutions sold separately that would increase the hosting to a non-affordable amount.

Today, Gold Coast Multimedia is proud to offer our clients two perfect solutions for any online business. Both solutions cover every aspect of your online business without you having to ask any technical questions or make complex decisions. We took the necessary items needed for every successful site and blended it into one nice neat monthly package. We call our packages Samuari Management Hosting and Warrior Management Hosting.

Samurai Management is designed to cover everything you need in maintaining and protecting your investment, while Warrior Management is aimed at not only maintaining and protecting your website, but also providing you with month-to-month coaching in digital marketing to help you plan and measure the Return On Investment for your site.

Samurai Management

Never worry again

Never worry again about your website – with our Samurai Management package you can rest easy knowing that you have a technical team behind you to guarantee your website is online and stays online.

Have a look at the benefits you can gain through this exclusive package, and get in touch with us today. We will set you up with a reliable, managed CMS called GCM Press that includes automated weekly backups. We’ve got you covered at every angle. Our packages are designed to help our clients feel confident that their online investment is safe and secure.

Warrior Management

Implement your marketing

Don’t just listen to people telling you what you should have on your website – go out and get it. Implement your digital strategy with an online digital coaching consultant who has the experience to teach you what you need and how to go about getting it. Our coaches can also work alongside SEO Specialists and online marketing consultants. Digital Coaches and consultants can also help manage your project on your behalf to ensure the work is done correctly and according to plan.

Don’t ever have your site just sitting there doing nothing ever again – with our Warrior package you can rest easy knowing that you have an experienced digital coaching consultant helping you guarantee your websites success online.

This package includes everything from our Samurai package plus more development time and digital coaching to help analyse, recommend, implement and review updates to your site.