Well first of all what is a domain name exactly? We all know it’s that string of words you type up on the top of a browser, type it in and pronto, you’re on a website. But behind the name, is actually just a large set of numbers the directs the person to your website, it’s just the domain name itself makes, where your website lives, a little easier to remember. So really it’s about marketing, everything about your brand ultimately comes down to that.


What You have to Do

The best domain names are the ones that your customers can remember, because if your visitors can remember it, they are more likely to come back. If you do not already have a company or other name selected for your site, then it is often a good idea to make your domain name the brand for the site. Tying your site name to the domain is just one way you can help your visitors remember how to find you again.


The Importance

Have you ever gone to a website, found exactly what you wanted, and oh snap, you forgot to bookmark that website, and they had an impossible domain name to remember, sure Google may help in your quest to find that site again, but ultimately it will come down to that domain. If you are searching for the business ‘Frankie’s Flowers’ and want to find their website, but their domain was ‘www.brighttardisblooms.com’ it would make it near impossible to find their website. Something more appropriate would be ‘www.frankies-flowers.com’.

Make sure you take all of this into consideration when creating your brand, ask friends, ask family, and test out ideas. And if you need a little help our team at Gold Coast Multimedia can help you with branding and the purchase of your new domain.